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Forming a seal which affects Obito whose right side begins to spike out black rods and turn black, Madara declares that it was time to revive him with the Outer Path: The images have plagued his dreams since he was little, but, lately, they have started to feel more like memories. Naruto remembers what he had said some time ago to Yamato that only wind was able to make fire stronger.

Asking Obito if he’d had enough of their genjutsu battle, Kakashi and Obito form the seal of confrontation as they begin their real battle. Sai asks Naruto if he can give chakra to the alliancebut he explains he cannot since he has not saved up enough of Kurama ‘s chakra.

The Konochi Cartoon gamer by Generalhyna reviews After Dieing in a hit and Run accident, Arabella ‘Bella’ Kelly is reborn into the narutoverse with the gamers ablity and the ability to shapeshift. Trying to speak sense to his former friend, even though Obito decries his actions and tries to play on his conscience, Kakashi notes that he had long since realised that Obito was trying to overlap his old self with Naruto.

Game Chronicles by Kore wa watashi reviews Waking up one day to find that he has been granted the chance to live life as a unique entity known as the Gamer. New World by rexroy reviews Shi-Woon has always had recurring dreams of some strange world, filled with ninjas and kkmik and magic. She named him Baam, the Night.

Komik Naruto 610

Kakashi remembers the “old Obito”, who was just like Narutoand resolves that to protect Naruto and the old Obito, he will have to defeat the current one.

But when you die, you do not expect to hear Dings and see Game-boxes. As Sakura questions who the man before them was, Minato introduces himself maruto advises her to get ready ko,ik the explosion. Kakashi, however, shrugs off the idea and tells Obito that delusions could not fix the empty hole in his heart.

With the Hokage all positioned, they perform the Four Red Yang Formation technique to trap the beast, nxruto Hashirama adding an additional sealpinning down the beast’s tails and arms. Obito, unwilling to give up, states that defeating him will not gain any advantage to winning the war despite having won their battle and warps back to the battlefield.


Kiba, stating he still has three times the power, uses the Human Beast Mixture Transformation — Three-Headed Wolf technique with it, and decimates several of the Ten-Tails ‘ clone minions.

With the momentary release of the barrier, NarutoSakuraSasuke and various shinobi charge in to face several replications of the restrained tailed beast.

Komik Naruto Chapter Bahasa Indonesia | Otaku Solo

Obito is startled at his words as it was the very words he uttered to Kakashi when they were young. Within Kamui’s dimensionObito questions Kakashi how reality may mend the hole in one’s heart. When one of its clones starts attacking him, Naruto uses his chakra arms to save him.

This is the article on the volume. Naruto is really starting to enter its climax. Characters Makaro Akimichi Aoda. Madara — who notes that the fight had started to bore him, and he had already found something else to preoccupy his time — turns in time nxruto see the Alliance rally around Naruto, providing a defence for him while Sakura begins to heal him. In other words Orochimaru and co don’t know what hits them. Naruto x Kim Hye-Shin.

UZUMAKI_clan: Baca Komik Naruto English

Retrieved from ” http: Though the others explain this was basically impossible for him who had abandoned the village and nartuo such heinous crimes, Sasuke simply noted that he didn’t care what they thought of him, and that he would change the village. Gamakichi states that his father was busy, and Kommik exclaims about Gamakichi’s growth spurt. He started seeing things that no one else could see; people’s names floating over their heads, strange rectangles with confusing messages popping up in front of his face.

With Obito ‘s cry resounding throughout the battlefield, Madara muses that he had once told Obito that eventually, he would have to repay the legendary Uchiha for saving his life. Then, I get reborn into Naruto. Upon entering, Sakura contemplates the times wherein she was always protected by her teammates and her resolve to walk side by side with them. Meanwhile, in Kamui’s dimension naruot, Kakashi and Obito battle wages on, with Komuk piercing Obito with his Lightning Cutter and Obito stabbing Kakashi with a large shuriken.

Elsewhere, Madara notes the fun was about to begin, and cloaks himself with his Susanoo ‘s ribcage. Naruto then directs a Wind Release: Telling Sakura to rest then, he and Sasuke move to the battlefield, though Sakura follows as well, telling them that she was not a weak woman, and had been trained just as well as any of the two of them by a Sannin.


Not intending to go peacefully, however, the Ten-Tails removes the part of its body which was burning much to the Uchiha’s shock. komjk

Komik Naruto Shippuden Chapter 635 Full Color

Tune in for me: Noticing the surrounding barrierthe Ten-Tails begins to charge yet another Tailed Beast Ball only to be contained, surprising many shinobi regarding the prowess of the reincarnated Hokage. Noting Madara’s intentions, Hashirama tells both Naruto and Sasuke to deal with Obito since they were the closest to him.

Sai suggests that it would be best to defeat the largest of the clones, and slip close enough to beat the Ten-Tails itself, but it would be too far to jump at one go. All of the Rookie Nine cheer them on, including a happy Sakura, who sheds a tear.

With this, Obito announces that he is incapable of feeling pain, and shows Kakashi that there was no heart in his chest, just a windhole which was caused by the hell of this world. Will have elements of other crossovers.

Sakura tells Katsuyu to split into several parts to heal the Shinobi Alliance. Before the seemingly confused Ten-Tails, Naruto stands bleeding and exhausted, but still smiling confidently. Contents [ show ].

Obito, however, notes that he was doing it for the exact opposite reason and then declares that he did not wage a war in the world just for Rin.

Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Guidance of the Fox by SnowTime reviews A mere shell of her former self; wishing and hoping for something that continues to evade her until she met that one little boy who brought her back her light. Meanwhile, Sasuke instructs Aoda to go straight ahead, while he would attack the original himself. T – English – Chapters: July 1, ISBN Evading an attack from Obito thanks to Kakashi ‘s warning, Naruto once again decries Obito’s ideals, noting that a loner like him could never understand his euphoria to have all his comrades around him.

Tower of Naruto by Caexah reviews Naruto reborn in a new world seek the challenges he couldn’t find anywhere else, but inside the Tower of God.