The cycle was written in the book titled Leabhar Gabhála or Lebor Gabala Erren – the “Book of Conquests” or the “Book of Invasions of Ireland”. The Leabhar Gabhála Éireann or “Book of the Taking of Ireland” is a Medieval collection of poems and prose narratives purporting toContinue Reading. Book of Invasions: Tuatha Dé Danann: The Leabhar Gabhála (Book of Invasions) , a fictitious history of Ireland from the earliest times, treats them as actual.

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Now Ireland was desert for the space of two hundred years after the departure of the three decades of men we have mentioned, till the coming of the race of the chief decade into it, as the ” Fir Bolg. The gabhapa where he chose that place was in the vicinity of the Waterfall of the Two Fools ; that is, an island which is over against the waterfall on the bay. Thus we find the ancestors of the Irish enslaved in a foreign land, or fleeing into exile, or wandering in the wilderness, leabhag sighting the “Promised Land” from afar.

Lotar Goedhil co Tea.

There were five kings over Egypt from the time of Pharaoh Cingcris till then. Ros aittreab Golam cona. Who has sought peace without fear seven times? He gave Bith seventeen, with Bairfhind ; and gave Ladhra the sixteen others, and he complained about them.

Book of Invasions | ancient Irish literature |

Three men and fifty maidens went in that ship with Cesair. For it is not right to neglect the guarding of desire of things for one another, for fear of destroying any of them. As cian o ata acc fathaib bar ttiochtain.

Now good was that king Eochaid son of Ere ; there was no rain in his time but only dew. Pharaoh Nectonebus was king of Gbahala when they came, and he was hospitable to Golamh, on account of his renown and his glory, and the friendship of their ancestors to one another once on a time.

Adnaicther Donn iar siw ag na Dnmhd. These are the chieftains that were with leabyar Aaron and Nel made a covenant and friendship between themselves after that. Cethracha long a lion. These are the names of the wives of the afore- said chiefs ; Fuad wife of Slainghe, Eudar wife of Gann, Anast wife of Senghann, Cnucha wife of Genann, 1 abounding in salmon.


Nel goes to them to gabnala tain who they were ; so Aaron, son of Amram, brother of Moses, met him on the outskirts of the hosts.

Ni baoi hlisiaain cen mes.

Dia Mairt, ar aoi laithe sechtma. Eighteen days from the Alps to Spain. A day when Partholon went on the shore of the sea, as was gabhalq wont, to fish, he leaves his wife and his attendant together in the island.

Children were bom of that Breoghan in Spain afterwards ; these are their names: I assign the possession of the land ye have found: Fial, wife of Lughaidh son of Ith; the wife of Ir, and the wife of Muirtheimne son of Breoghan, were the other two.

Starn, who fell before the son of Faebhar, larbanel the Prophet who was enduring, Aininn, with the fetters of a famous man, were the three venomous chiefs of Neimhedh. After some time they leave Scythia and spend years wandering the Earth, undergoing a series of trials and tribulations akin to those of the Israelites, who spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

EUoth and Laimh- fhind, the two sons of Agnomain ; for this reason was he called Laimhfhind, because burning lamps were not brighter than his hands in the night at the rowing ; Cing and Caicher, the two sons of Eber, son of Tai.

Atiat na toisigh ro ha. Seolaitt do Creid, do Sicil deisil nEorpa, go rangatar Easpain. Ladhra went with his women to Ard Ladhrann, so that he died of excess of women, and he is the first dead of Ireland. The Fomhoire had two valiant knightly warriors after that, Gabjala, son of Faebhar, and Orci- fanat ; and the Fomhoire close around them after losing their leader.

Book of Invasions

Peaceful and fortunate was his kingdom and his rule after he brought everyone under his sway, and rule, and yoke, and power, in this manner. Threescore and five ships was the tale of the expedition ; forty chiefs the number of their leaders, with Donn son of Mil at their head.


Ciodh tracht iar scarthain do Nel iri hAaron, luidh dochom a muintire 7 ro aisneidh scela. Pharaoh Bachor 47 years. Ireland was divided in two between them after that, the northern half to Eremon, from Srubh Brain to the Boyne, the southern half to Emer, from the Boyne to Tonn Chlidna. His people said to Nel that he should carry the boy to Moses, since they were covenanted together, and since they knew the wonders and the great miracles that God worked by him up till then.

At the end of nine years after their coming to Ireland, these two last lakes burst forth.

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Now Golamh stayed eight years in Egypt with his father-in-law. Imralaidhset meic Miledh do gabail in Inbear Slaine. Stay up to date with the Royal Irish Academy newsletter Sign up now. Institute for the Study of Man, Seven years were they in that place.

Lebor Gabála Érenn – Wikipedia

For this reason they came thither, a-fleeing from the flood ; for God said to Noe, son of Lamech, that he should make an ark for him- self, for his sons Sem, Cam, and Japhet, and for their wives Cova, OUa, Oliva, and Olivana, in hope of saving them selves from the wave-roar of the flood which He should pour on the earth, to destroy and to annihilate its inhabitants at large, on account of the many sins of the children of Adam ; except them only, for these eight persons were free from sin.

Leccis roimhe iat go clamdaibh Neimidh, 7 dailis fein ina ndiaidh co ttrwimthionol Grecc lais. Or ceadamus ; that is, ” from the beginning. There are a number of versions, the earliest of which was compiled by an anonymous writer in the 11th century.