Find great deals for Leica SF 24D Shoe Mount Flash for Leica. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I bought a SF24D, to extend my flash work to having a small, light TTL flash for easy and quick fill flash or the usual needed fill, when going out. For this demonstration, I limited my gear to just the Leica M10 and the Leica SF24D (which is a simple flash). It’s not as if I were in a position to.

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The two ancillary screens supplied with the unit for the wide angle and telephoto range cover focal lengths of 24 mm and 85 mm respectively. Additional Product Features Guide Number. Apart from startling the subject of course.

I bought a SF24D, to extend my flash work to having a small, light TTL flash for easy and quick fill flash or the usual needed fill, when going out of light. Wow, I am absolutely overwelmed by the sf2d4 of you guys – thank you all very much for dragging sr24d out of the flash hole Hello guest!

But these lithium batteries are more expensive and not commonly found in stores such as supermarkets.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser for the full Leica Camera experience. Also, remember if your shutter is very long for ambient you are adding a lot of light potentially–even if you’re freezing action with the flash.


The reason for my frustration yesterday were simply based on 1 my much higher expection on the flash’s capabilities and Ef24d guest! Original content here is published under these license terms:. I am completely lost – don’t know, where to start at all. For example, the range of automatic apertures has been enhanced. Edited December 5, by menos M6.

Uses the same batteries as surefire tactical flashlights. I have been using the SF24D for two years now, first on a M8 and now on a M9, with full satisfaction. Most flashes control exposure by flash duration and not intensity. The illumination angle corresponds to a focal length range of 35 to 85 mm, and can be extended with the two supplied reflectors. I used my M8. This looks, to be a big mistake.

A couple of checks you can do now: Do Not Change This: Good thing you thought about that, it escaped me altogether. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The flash fixed WB setting is poor but at least consistently poor. So venting is over – sorry… this had to go some place. Customer Forum Search In. I can take the SF24D off, take a SB instead in A or M mode, dial in exactly the same exposure, fill with the flash, and everything works beautifully. I had looked inside the boxes but it was some time ago, other than with the shutter open for sensor cleaning. You may also like.


I no longer have the flash so can’t try this. Without battery the weight is just g with the two lithium batteries included, it is roughly less than g.

Leica SF 24D

For now, it’s a very, very expensive, little used compact, direct flash basically an Nikon SB with integrated controls for triple the price and missing movable head. Dealer Location Find your nearest Leica Dealer. It can’t help but look flashy.

There is a minimum light output below which the flash will not go. If you quickly need to show the out of camera JPEG’s, this is a pain. This way, I have to reset exp. The meter will try to render the average gray of the scene, and pump out light to make that happen.

The flash will give the usual direct nuking cheap flash holiday shot from aunty and uncle – baahhh! Lieca Flash The compact system flash.

Leica SF 24D mini flash and the Leica M | imagewings

Already have an account? Non-commercial, Attribution, no Derivative work. It is a portable flash, with an overall dimension of 66 x x 40 mm WxHxD.