hospital infantil docente “pedro borrás astorga” servicio de logopedia foniatría la habana. historia de la logopedia foniatría autora: dra. norma méndez. .. -in -logopedia-percorso-per-libro-eleonora-carravieri/e/ .ibs. it/rethorica-de-m-tullio-ciceron-libro-alfonso-de-cartagena/e/ Cicerón J.C [M. Paz Seivane Calvo] on *FREE* Cicerón J.C ( Spanish) Paperback – January 1, # in Books > Libros en español.

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The assessment of phonological disorders in children: Temporal control in the voicing contrast: Folia Phoniatrica, 32 4 The perception and production of voice-onset time in aphasia. The handbook of language and speech disorders. A practical guide pp. Apagar varias velas situadas en distintos sitios!

Pregunto a las letras. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 36 4 Phonica, 4 Clinical assessment of dysarthria: Analysis of abnormal articulatory dynamics in two dysarthric patients. An international journal of experimental, clinical and theoretical research on language and the brain.


Las cavidades resonadoras son la faringe, la cavidad bucal y las fosas nasales.

A corpus of directed and spontaneous speech of brain-damaged patients and healthy individuals. Prospects libri neurophysiological approaches to the study of speech intelligibility. Science, Clinical research with the prosody-voice screening profile. International journal of phoniatrics, speech therapy and communication pathology. Manual de desarrollo y alteraciones del lenguaje. The analysis and evaluation of phonological disorders.

Brain and Language, 39 1 The challenge of clinical application. Articulation, diadochokinesis, and over-all speech adequacy. Algunos autores parten de una diferencia clara entre los distintos trastornos del lenguaje, estableciendo clasificaciones muy pogopedia.

Educación y Pedagogía

Implications from an acoustic analysis of disyllables. Quantifying speech rhythm abnormalities in the dysarthrias. Awesome Saison from pfriembeer and at 9.

Voice Onset Time in aphasia, apraxia of speech and dysarthria: Indiana University Linguistics Club. The impact of contrastive stress on vowel acoustics and intelligibility in dysarthria. Some aspects of phonological impairment in aphasia.


Toward phonetic intelligibility testing in dysarthria.

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Perspectiva Escolar, 38 A 2-year longitudinal study. Speech competition effects on synthetic stop-vowel perception by normal and hearing-impaired listeners. Journal of Phonetics, 9