The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion [L. J. Smith] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES THE FURY AND. The Fury has ratings and reviews. Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin* said: I can’t say anything about this series I haven’t already said. The Fury / Dark Reunion has ratings and reviews. Rebecca said: Don’t let the 4 out of 5 stars fool you into thinking this is good, inventive.

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But there are 2 main elements of this book that really break it for me.

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury / Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith | Scholastic

Then, Elena meets the new kid in school — Stefan — and she wants to claim him as her own. I think that Bonnie will end up with Matt. He showed emotions, he showed some development. This review is just for “The Fury” which is book three in the “Vampire Diaries” series.

En este libro empiezan a mostrar su lado de ‘chico malo pero bueno’. Love You to Death I listened to the audiobook for the last half, which was nice, definitely made me push through it quicker.

I must confess, I will most certainly be reading it. I understand the whole dark and mysterious thing, but you have to get some thoughts and feelings out of him. Jun 28, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it did not like it. On January 15,Smith announced that she would be continuing to write her version of The Vampire Diaries before she was fired by Alloy. No one could hurt him and live. One thing that continues to throw me is how different it is than the TV series the CW is running.


She knows that the only way it can be defeated is if the two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon can put alongside their lifelong enmity and work together.

They dont really explain a lot, including character motives. Damon finally has claim over Elena. Anywa I started reading the second bind-up of Vampire Diaries as vzmpire as I finished the first one. Refresh and try again. All the twist and turns keep the readers guessing what’s next. The TV show ditches Meredith, reinstates Caroline instead, and makes Bonnie a black character and a witch with cury going back to Salem. And now Elena is back, so now its going to be all about her even more.

The story once again seemed rushed and too short. I liked the elevated role that secondary characters from the first books were given. She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses. The second part of the book was thw.

Not your normal vampy behavior, so Stefan and Damon come to a reluctant truce to figure out what the heck is going on and continue to protect Elena. Dec 11, Darlin’ rated it did not like it Shelves: I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic.

The most tragic part of the whole thing was the fact that she never gets to deal with her emotions towards Damon. There fiaries something about those eyes that called up memories inside her. Stefan is way to angsty from beginning to end and I have a feeling he always will be. So everyone thinks she is dead, and are really sad.

Third part of the original trilogy. I hope to read more about him as the series continues. I am appalled that this is a TV series.

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury / Dark Reunion

Until finally, everything that was building up started to happen The Stefan’s Diaries “. Her favorite classical writer is Jane Avmpire. In The Fury, Elena returns to her beloved Stefan, as a vampire. If you’ve read Twilightyou will, indeed, be able to see some suspicious parallels Smith had tied up things well enough with the death of Elena at the end of The Fury, with the appearance of Katherine, etc.


Stefan is a bore as usual, and Damon, yes he is wicked isn’t he. I love The Vampire Diaries and I feel fruy this was where the series really started to flesh out.

The plot has many twist and turns that keeps it interesting and keeps the reader intrigued. We learn a little more about Damon, but he still isn’t what I would consider a main character. I think that is the most rational thing to do. We got a better insight in the characters, nice storylines, and a bit of mindless entertainment. I was shocked with the differences between the first two books and the show but even more so with these.

The similar villainous plots ensued and the gang was fufy to Klaus the Original. I like Elena, but Dark Reunion is the most intense so far. Even though I admire people who can put l.j.smitb down when they don’t like them, I find that I lear After finishing book three of the Vampire Diaries, and liking it considerably more than the first two installments, I noticed the irony of the titles and how I felt about each book. Tge captures Elena, Stefan and Damon with plans to kill them.