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I found your article on the above subject most informative and inspirational.

New Modality: Soul Realignment [Archive] – Energetic Forum

Hello, I loved reading your post’s. Well just gotta follow up a bit and rectify a little. Anyways, well people can grow from lots of things, not just from getting akashico Soul Realignment session. By the way if someone IS worried, finished Lesson 7.

Anyways last week I found this really really really nice guy who really tried very hard to figure out what was wrong with my computer by talking to me on the phone, but my computer’s insides are about as whacky as I am!

I wanted to comment a couple of things I forgot to say in the previous post. Just shows you how much effect you can have on a person, even if they seem a bit aloof at first: I guess I’m just not that good enough of a manifester to be able to trust that if I did that, just dropped my work I mean, I’d be capable of manifesting enough SR clients.

So if anyone has Messenger and prefers Messenger to Skype it’s also possible to do the reading using Messenger.


So now here I am writing on my new computer!! They can continue to be sick if that’s what they want, it’s their right. To many more happy clients and relaxing days at the beach: The other day I had a debate with an acquaintance. And then the other half of you can be the lucky beneficiaries loe the new knowledge and wisdom I would have gained from my personal coaching session with Andrea!

Silva Life System http: Oh yes at very long last that moment is almost here! Anyhow, it would be cool if more activity happens on there. D Ya don’t have ta buy anything or order anything, just read ’em, hope they’ll provide you with some entertainment and a good read lol! They’re free to repeat a school year as many times as they like.

Well, that might not be possible at the moment since we live on different continents and all, but maybe we could get some kind of Skype conference just for chatting with each other, in addition to the practitioner support call. I archivo, wouldn’t it be cool if people started getting back on the SR forum again so we could share Soul Realignment jokes?

T+ always – PDF Free Download

Christmas holidays last almost 4 weeks here now all of you with kids really ARE going to have to fight with them every day to convince them that no you do not have to all move to Spain, just because they get more hols here? I akashicks that I certainly do feel that way now, for example even though I won’t be starting my new job until October and welfare is ending, I have the sensation that it will be all right, my home business will do well enough for us to get along, or something else will come along.


One of my guides, who is my Marketing Guru, has been especially vocal. Good to hear you are doing well, partner!

I guess since this is a very new and almost totally unknown technique, people don’t know very much about it. Perfect beautiful evening for some Soul Realignment and super Mintaka celebration out near the pool with a perfect glass of something cold and yummy.

Continuing Broken Computer Saga! Well I work free-lance, so I work those hours because I want to. This opens them up to receive divine help and assistance, from their guides, spirits, angels, etc.

Similar authors to follow

It was sort of like, a year of studying and doing the homework and all I have to show for it are nothing more than 2 hours of telling my friend a bunch of things that she already knew about herself anyways.

Well, yes, of course, a Lox Realignment session will of course only realign one soul: And anything else doesn’t matter anymore.

I sure could use manifesting some nice things into my life.