Dec 3, For this tutorial, we have selected an ARM7 TDMI based processor called LPC, which is a 32 – bit MCU manufactured by NXP. Jul 4, In this tutorial we see how to use and program GPIO Pins for .. i have a doubt. what is the difference between LPC and LPC is there. Mar 28, We are not going to use them in this tutorial since we are only concerned with using Timer block as a ‘Timer’. We’ll see them in upcoming.

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lpc | LPC Tutorials

To interface an LCD lpx2138 need to know about its internal registers and pin functions. An LCD has two important registers namely command register and Data register.

Both are 8-bit registers. The command register is written with various commands by the user. These commands are responsible for the functioning of LCD.


The reason for this is its easy operation and it can display a large number of characters and symbols. Seven segment displays are very commonly used in meter displays, etc. Keep on reading to find out how whole tutoriak is assembled and what coding is applied to make it work.

This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. Skip to main content. LCD can be interfaced in 8-bit as well as 4-bit mode mode signifies Data bits sent at a time.

For Interfacing a 7-segment we choose Lpc138 P0.

lpc | EngineersGarage

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