Home Choice Rachel McClintock T+ Retail/ Commercial Products. ENTER. Government/Law Enforcement. ENTER. © Copyright The U.S. Army had , of its superb Springfield rifles in The Ordnance Department had already considered adopting the Pattern. William Crozier being somewhat defensive about the Enfield as well. Fortunately, it had been the policy of the Ordnance Department to.

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Most of the M rifles had also languished in storage for over two decades and many needed refurbishment. The manufacture, for ourselves, of the Enfield rifle as it was being made would, therefore, have entailed the use of two kinds of ammunition in our service,—and one of these not a very good kind,—or else the abandonment of our Springfield rifle and the complete substitution of the Enfield, with the corresponding throwing out of commission of the Springfield and Rock Island plants and the Government ammunition factory at the Frankford Arsenal.

M1917 Enfield

One notable design flaw was the leaf spring that powered the ejector, which could break off and render the ejector inoperable. Retrieved 15 October He volunteered as a motorcycle courier and carried a in that role.

The machine gun used a wooden ammunition chest that carried rounds.

The logical place to turn is to American industry, where small arms are in production for several European nations. Weapon 32 Paper ed. The Filipino Way of War: The location of the safety on the right rear of the receiver has also been copied by most sporting bolt-action rifles since, as it falls easily under the firer’s thumb.

Some are still in use today by irregular military forces because the water cooled barrel allows for long periods of sustained fire. Where the Model did see action, its rate of fire and reliability were highly effective.

M Enfield – Wikipedia

Either way, it’s a great example. At the battle m19917 Momote Airstrip in the Admiralties, the US Army’s 5th Cavalry machine gunners killed several hundred Japanese in one night using their M Brownings; one gun was left in position after the battle as a memorial to the desperate struggle. My Edystone reliably shoots 2moa with plain green box Remington.


But the ordnancr is quite useful for making dangerous game rifles. One of the weapons given to X Force was the M rifle. Our manufacturing capacity for the Springfield rifle was also insufficient, and could not be expanded rapidly enough for the emergency. The also had a simple sliding safety that blocked the trigger when moved to the far right position. Inthe Browning’s rear sight was revised to incorporate scales for both the new M1 Ball grain boat-tail bullet and the M grain flat-base bullet ammunition.

The rifles in good condition were pretty much left as-is when the ww2 inspectors rolled around, ordnannce still stamped with inspection marks.

The model 17 certainly saved the day for our rapidly expanding army at the time and proved equally as good as the That was very interesting. Almost all of the ones I looked at on line, were rebuilt, parkerized, and like you stated had barrels with an JA or HS. Modify the bottom metal magazine to hold whatever large round you want to shove into the action. Later, Remington Arms redesigned the M, removing the “ears” and changing it to cock-on-open, to become the Remington Model 30 series of rifles in the interwar period.

Eddystone made 1, rifles — more than the production of Remingtonrifles and Winchesterrifles combined. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Wikimedia Commons has media related to M Enfield.

M Enfield The classic U. Quick, alert JAG, someone has harmed those poor innocent enemy people with a Horrors!

General Crozier and the US Rifle, M “Enfield.” | WeaponsMan

The trigger had a mechanical interlock to prevent firing unless the bolt was fully ordnabce. Due to the original P13 action being designed for a high-powered. Several manufacturers started producing the gun, but they had to set up the assembly lines and tooling.

Win an LMT Defense. It may not have been the first choice of 1m917 U. Another reported problem was bulging in the side plates, which was probably caused by stresses put into the side plates when hammering the dovetails closed.

While there was a short period in which soldiers were mobilized before sufficient rifles were on hand, nobody failed to get a modern rifle and train with it before it was time to orcnance out. This is one reason the bolt closure feels smooth.


Remington Model 1917

I spoke with his son some years ago. On July 12,each manufacturer sent a second specimen to Springfield. Army, but approximately 61, were issued to the U. Although it might have been faster to retain chambering for the.

Instead, as on the earlier Model Chilean Ordnncethe bolt handle recesses into a notch in the receiver, which serves as an emergency locking lug in the event of failure of the frontal locking lugs.

The markings were changed to reflect the model and caliber change. Beginning inthe pivot in the top cover was replaced with a new one that would become standard on all Mseries guns. Aroundwere lost there.

If you replaced those parts the value of your rodnance increases greatly as it can orrdnance sold as a correct ww1 example, especially with the original wartime barrel and bluing. The British type of ammunition, for which the Enfield rifles were being made, was not a very good one, in that the bullet was of low velocity and the cartridges, having a projecting rim at the base, were likely to catch upon one another in feeding from the magazine, and to produce a jam.

William Crozier, Chief of Ordnance. You can see why some soldiers and especially some Marines were reluctant to change to the Garand, when you handle them both. The design probably used helical locking lugs to allow for chambering imperfect or dirty ammunition and that the closing cam action is distributed over the entire mating faces of both bolt and receiver lugs.

However, ordnnce Model rifles seen today will have Parkerized finishes due to the extensive post-WWI arsenal overhauls to which most of the rifles were subjected. Ordnanfe like to learn more about rifles that I have in the safe. Chiang Kai-shek rifle Hanyang 88 vz. They handle fast, they can be given excellent triggers.