The MagicQ software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your MagicQ install, refer to the instructions below. This manual is designed for operators of the MagicQ to help them quickly and effectively learn how to use the system. It has been written by. Magicq user manual • Read online or download PDF • ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual.

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Making channels hard values Removing old heads Controlling Media Servers ChamSys Remote Ethernet Protocol Selective Channel Control The synchronisation of manjal data is separate to synchronisation of show playback state and hot takeover. Split Visualisation in MagicVis What is in the programmer?

Customising Locate, Default, Highlight and Lowlight values 7.


This consists of automatically grabbing the show data file from the show master and loading that show data file into the show slave. Heads with multiple elements 7.

MagicQ User Manual

Remote control from MagicQ Automatic Source Selection Copying and Moving Cues Changing the DMX address of heads 7. Removing Cues and Cue Stacks This gives slave consoles access to control part of a lighting rig e.

Selecting Heads using the keypad 9. Technician Test Fixture 3.

Importing and Exporting the FX Library Amgicq console distorted screen Network addresses and host names For systems which require hot takeover to operate independently on different Universes the Split mode should be used. Recording a Cue Using the Scene Setter However it can be configured manually as below. Discovering and configuring devices Automatic backing up of shows from other consoles Cue Stack Macros Copying and moving Palettes Remote programming commands Importing timecode timings Editing using Update Upgrading Pro DMX card firmware Rate and parameters MagicQ not responding Patching a Head to multiple DMX addresses 7.